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An ordinary home video camera was placed
inside a nasty return-air trunk line to record
the cleaning.   
What a show it captured!  

This is one of Air-Vision's jobs in
Independence, MO.  

Thanks to Air-Vision's customer, M. Squires
for allowing Air-Vision extra time to set up
and record this
Have Time For A Home Movie?
In my 13th Year of Delighting Customers All Over KC!
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A Note about pricing

Air duct cleaning service is affordable and not as
expensive as having a plumber or an HVAC contractor
in your home for the same amount of time.

Air-Vision bids the whole job much like a handy-man will
bid a job. This means that the "price is the price."  The
size of the job, of course, is the primary factor in pricing

You may have seen duct cleaning coupons or online
offers for duct cleaning specials that read something
like "$79 whole-house" [so many vents included, other
services extra]".  These coupons are confusing
for a reason;
They are bait and switch.
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All in a day's work.  I've yet to see 'everything' after 14 years!
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This baseboard return grill
had virtually no air-flow.
I had remove the toys before I
could clean the vent.
after 20 years.
Be sure to change furnace filters every three months.  
This one had been in place five.
A loaded air-filter hurts air-flow.
Website updated January 16, 2015
of the return air duct.  
The hair matted up and was finally
collected by my HYPER-VAC 5000
duct cleaning vacuum.

A Queen of Hearts playing card is seen
on top of the hair, it came out too.
A Note about cold weather.

Duct cleaning does not suck the warm air out of your home.

Only your dirt.

Winter off-season pricing is in effect, call now!